Results in Schools Supported by thinkSRSD (Not by SRSDonline)

thinkSRSD, not affiliated with SRSDonline, uses SRSD + additional evidence-based practices. Gains may differ if not using thinkSRSD's uniquely enhanced approach.

Tennessee State: thinkSRSD suported 200 core coaches in learning SRSD. They then re-delivered this learning to literacy specialists across the state, who then each brought SRSD back to their schools. With thinkSRSD’s support, the full state of TN now uses SRSD in 40,000 classrooms and has maintained being the “fastest improving” state on NAEP.

Worcester, MA: Worcester, New England’s second largest urban district, has partnered with thinkSRSD over the past four years to expand the use of SRSD from one initial pilot school, then folding in new groups of schools each year, with the aim of reaching all schools. All implementing schools made significant gains on state assessments.

Michigan State: thinkSRSD currently supports, through blended ‘in-person’ workshops and online support, dozens of schools in Michigan in rolling out SRSD. Initial classroom data shows improvements of over 200% gains.


Juneau, AK: thinkSRSD supports many schools, like Juneau, entirely remotely. Teachers view our e-Learning SRSD course, follow a timeline of embedded monthly learning activities, including scoring writing together, hold regular web calls and email as needed. Juneau has nearly doubled gains in student writing at some grade levels, from just September through December.

NYC DOE, NY: Following significant gains in schools using SRSD over the past few years in NYC, NYC DOE now has a full time SRSD Coordinator partnering with thinkSRSD to bring SRSD to schools throughout the city.

Ask us about thinkSRSD's unique data from gains in districts using our e-Learning. Our e-Learning is only available via thinkSRSD.

Jefferson County, CO: After achieving initial gains with SRSD, Jefferson County grant funded a full time SRSD coordinator, mentored by thinkSRSD, who oversaw expanding this work. Schools continue to report strong gains on state assessments.

At thinkSRSD, we publish results from every district that implements thinkSRSD’s support plan. There is no hidden data. This chart below reflects the gains made in every district that has worked with thinkSRSD. Every district has made gains on state assessments. These gains can be verified by googling state assessment sites (such as MCAS for Massachusetts) and checking the gains reported for the years thinkSRSD supported the district, in order to confirm these gains. Our guarantee is that if you implement SRSD, you will see empowered, happier writers and significant gains on all measure of writing growth. We recommend doing such research (both on the approach itself and on schools using it) before making a significant commitment to bring on a new initiative. 

Featured Pre – Post Gains

Green = intro, Yellow = evidence, Orange = analysis, Red = End

Pre 1

Post Pg 1

Post Pg 2

Proud teachers sharing: “My mind was blown by his comfort, effort, and growth as a writer. The really cool part is that ALL of his writing responses and assignments have shown this level of significant growth!”

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“Best professional development in a 30 yr career.” – Deb Rude, Curriculum Coordinator

Results from thinkSRSD’s Pooja Patel’s course in UK

What do the learning leader reps of the 40,000 teachers in TN using SRSD say? 

Wachusett, MA sees “delightful” increases in student writing, evidence in MCAS scores (pg 6)

“Outstanding.” – Hal Hensler, Director of Laurel School

Tennessee teachers reporting being “blown away” by gains in student writing. – Ed Week 

“My students have exceeded my expectations.” – Nan Smith, Blog 

NYC DOE Impact Report:  “Once I learned how to teach the writing process, writing became the favorite part of our day. Writing quality has grown tremendously.” – Jackie Mazza, Classroom teacher

SRSD featured in RI News: “SRSD has enabled our school to celebrate critical thinking through written expression.”
-Tony DiManna, Assistant Superintendent, Cumberland, RI

NYC DOE 152 Report 

“In my 20 years;of education experience, I have never seen any set of strategies get the results we are getting with SRSD so quickly.” – Kimberly Saunders, Assistant Superintendent, ConVal School District

“Results from the [SRSD] pilot were impressive.” – Brendan Minnihan, Superintendent, ConVal School District

Worcester Students Triple Gains – Ed Week 

“Maimonides has seen impressive gains since using SRSD.” – Jen Newman, Coach, Maimonides School

Jefferson County, CO School District Funds Full Time SRSD Coordinator : – Amy Thomas on Colorado’s work on SRSD

From West Boylston Public Schools, MA:

“It’s exciting how much they are writing already.” J Boudreau, Gr K

“Teachers and students alike are excited!”   – Michelle G, Gr 4

“SRSD has been an asset to my teaching. Students are excited, invested and motivated!”  – Karen M, Gr 2

“Difference is night & day. Kids love to write and write so much better. We love to teach writing! – Cara, Gr 5

Other Districts:

“I highly recommend SRSD. I have felt that teaching writing is the hardest academic area to teach and for children to learn. SRSD is a way to make writing more accessible to more children and to help them become independent writers. Using SRSD significantly improved the writing of all students. Compared to past years, this group of students is the most capable and most independent group of writers that I have taught. – Heidi Whipple, Second Grade Teacher, Barton, VT

“I especially notice the self-regulation. My students work at their own level and see their own growth and know what they need to work on next.” Amy Dolan Grade 4 , Neary School School Southboro

“Writing in the past has been abstract for students. They have a difficult time knowing exactly what they should be doing and become overwhelmed with all the tasks. SRSD gives them a plan. They know what to do. Writing is no longer a guessing game. SRSD promotes fluent writers and positive attitudes toward writing.” – Colleen Haugh Grade 4 teacher, Neary School Southboro

“We are moving along with SRSD now. Our first grade classes love it. Our students are so relaxed using the techniques. We love it!!!!”
– Pat Belmarsh, Pingree School, Weymouth MA

“We loved your presentation and immediately implemented your techniques into our own classrooms. We saw huge improvements in our students’ writing! – Kristen Slagmolen, fourth grade teacher, Woburn Public Schools

“Expertly presented, this course covers evidence based practices for writing instruction, backed up with research for the program (SRSD) as well the methodologies for the professional development in it. You will walk away with everything you need to implement these evidence based writing practices in regular ed and special ed.” – Deb Pellerin, Reading specialist, Wayland MA

“I absolutely love that SRSD is not a program. It is a set of procedures that I can internalize and integrate into my existing program. I had huge hopes and expectations for this workshop and they were definitely met! I got goosebumps more than once given the information and promise of gains.” – Karen Devereux, Literacy Specialist