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thinkSRSD offers an e-Learning resource designed to support you in not just learning, but fully implementing, SRSD. thinkSRSD’s e-Learning includes the best, authentic lesson videos shot with all grade levels (K-HS) & populations (small group, full class) + advice from many teachers.

Even more, beyond a simple starter tool box of standard resources, we also offer hundreds of additional teacher-customized lesson plans, model essays, text sets for writing tasks & more.


What’s included in our e-Learning Package?
More than just a resource and mentoring, you gain access to thinkSRSD’s national and international network of thousands of teachers using SRSD. Join us for free regular webinars, live regional events, summer summits & more.

Unlimited Live Mentoring

We will set up a timeline for live remote coaching, but also love to answer questions whenever they arise. We also connect you with teachers who use SRSD at your grade level, and with your population.

Live Regional Networks

To stay current with all the rapid advances happening in the field of SRSD, you will also have access to live, regional network meetings. Check with us to see when we will be holding workshops in your area.

Free National Webinars

Join our quarterly webinars focused on topics such as scoring or using SRSD to support math. Led by experts and attended by teachers all over USA, these webinars offer an easy way to stay connected and current.

Many Exemplars & Lesson Resources at Your Finger Tips!

We co-create and customize unit plans, lesson plans, tools, resources and more on a daily basis in the many schools we support. We have exemplars that range from kindergartners writing about animals as pets up to essays on “Night” written collaboratively by high schoolers. We have dozens of adapted rubrics, self-talk memes and unit plans aligned to award winning literature texts. These are all in addition to the standard, grade-leveled tool kit of materials you receive. Reach out to let us know what you need- We are happy to share!

Releasing Writers!

With a purchase of our e-Learning course, you will receive a hard copy of “Releasing Writers!”, your all-in-one guide for how to get started with SRSD. It includes lesson plans, FAQs and full chapters on how to bring each aspect of SRSD alive for your students. Its authors have decades of experience with using SRSD.

Classroom Proven K-12

See lessons modeled at your grade level (K-1, 3-5, MS, HS), with your population! 

Brand New! Ask us about our “Train the Trainer” coaches’ course as well – just out! 




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About Us


thinkSRSD is the community of teachers and researchers who use and study SRSD. We offer SRSD in-person professional development and e-learning courses taught by teachers with decades of experience using SRSD. The teachers at thinkSRSD have taught SRSD courses for over 10 years, since offering the very first open enrollment course in SRSD in 2008.

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