Free SRSD Materials for Teaching

Welcome! The materials posted here are based on Dr. Karen Harris’ Self-Regulated Strategy Development framework for teaching the writing process. Most were developed by Dr. Karen Harris and colleagues. Others were developed by teachers who have used this approach.

Informational & Opinion Writing

Collaborative Write Resources

Collaborative Write Tips

Collaborative Write Suggestions

Links and Transitions

Ways to Link Ideas and Create Cohesion in Writing (1)

Sentence Starters (Beware! These should not become mind-numbing crutches. They are temporary scaffolds to be faded as students generate their own voice-rich ways to vary sentence patterns. Actively work to wean students off of these as quickly as feels comfortable.)

CER starters
Sentence Starters
sentence starters sci
Starters Science

Mnenomic Charts

Narrative Writing

Mini Lesson Resources

Sentence Combining
Add Flair
Goal Setting Lessons