Who is thinkSRSD?

Pooja Patel, United Nations International School & Teachers College, Columbia University

Pooja Patel, M.A. & Ph.D (in process) is a learning specialist at the United Nations International School. She has taught SRSD as a learning specialist  and in  general education. She leads SRSD workshops nationally and internationally. She teaches a practicum course in the Reading Specialist Program at Teachers College, Columbia University where interventions, including SRSD, are taught. She also publishes on writing instruction in peer-reviewed journals. Pooja founded and directs the non profit, Teachers 4 Student Success, dedicated to improving literacy for all students regardless of age, socio-economic status, and learning differences.

Dr. Leslie Laud, Bank Street College of Education

Leslie Laud teaches graduate courses at Bank Street College of Education. She holds an M.A. in special education and a doctorate in curriculum and teaching, both from Teachers College, Columbia University. While there, Dr. Laud studied data-informed instructional models, participated in advanced Writers Workshop Institutes and received certification as a school administrator, with a focus on school change. She has taught in both special and general education, worked as a school principal, and taught at Teachers College. In addition to teaching courses at Bank Street College, Dr. Laud also consults on writing nationally and internationally, using a blended model to help schools strengthen writing instruction. She also publishes regularly in peer reviewed journals, and presents frequently at conferences.

Dr. Karen Harris, Arizona State University

Karen R. Harris, adviser to thinkSRSD & developer of SRSD with colleagues, is the Mary Emily Warner Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. She has worked in the field of education since 1974, initially as a general education teacher and then as a special education teacher. Her extensive research focuses on informing and improving theory, research, and practice related to writing development for all students. She continues to refine the SRSD model of strategies instruction based on theoretical and empirical integration. She co-authored Powerful Writing Strategies for all Students, and Making the Writing Process Work. Her current research focuses on practice-based professional development.

Dr. Steve Graham, Arizona State University

Steve Graham, adviser to thinkSRSD, is the Warner Professor in the Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation in Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. For close to 30 years he has studied and published extensively on how writing develops, how to teach it effectively, and how writing can be used to support reading and learning, with a recent focus on technology. He is the co-author of Writing Better, Powerful Writing Strategies for all Students, and Making the Writing Process Work. He is also the author of three influential Carnegie Corporation reports: Writing Next, Writing to Read, and Informing Writing. He was the chair of the What Works Clearinghouse guide, Teaching Elementary School Students to be Effective Writers.

SRSD Course Leaders (Located all throughout USA)




















Additionally, the following SRSD experts generously advise thinkSRSD:

Ms. Barbara Friedlander, Assistant to the Associate Superintendent of Special Education and Student Services for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. Barbara has co-authored articles on SRSD, and the best selling book on SRSD, Powerful Writing Strategies. She regularly leads professional learning on SRSD.

Dr. Michael Herbert, Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Dr. Hebert’s research interests include reading and writing development, how writing instruction influences reading development, and the identification of effective “writing to read” practices. Dr. Herbert has published on writing and SRSD, and leads professional learning on SRSD as well.

Dr. Sharlene Kiuhara, Assistant Professor of Special Education, University of Utah. Dr. Kiuhara leads professional learning on SRSD. Her current work investigates the effects of the Self-Regulated Strategy Development framework and using writing to learn arguments within a multi-tiered system of supports in secondary content areas, including language arts, math, and science classrooms.

Dr. Gary Troia,  Associate Professor of Special Education at Michigan State University. His research interests include: oral language and literacy connections, writing assessments and instruction, standards’ alignment with assessments, predictors of writing quality, and teacher professional development in literacy. Dr. Troia facilitates professional development efforts focused on Self-regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) in Michigan and has given numerous workshops on SRSD around the country.

Dr. Leslie Rogers,  Assistant Professor of Education, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Dr. Rogers supports K-8 teachers implementing SRSD writing instruction and investigates effectiveness of applying the SRSD model of instruction when teaching mathematics to middle level learners.