What is SRSD?

Not a program, Self-regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) integrates all major learning theories into a practical set of strategies that enable teachers to see growth in both literacy and student independence. SRSD foregrounds writing & reading with deep attention to purpose, task, audience and social context. Developed by Dr. Karen Harris & colleagues, SRSD is fueled by 35 years of research and continuous innovation.

Join thinkSRSD Community

thinkSRSD’s passion is bringing SRSD to schools through blended learning. More than a PD provider, we’ve built an ongoing community. We are a growing network of schools across the nation and world, regularly connected by ever-growing eLearning modules and live webinars. Join us!

  • Customized PD: Implement YOUR way
  • Support that honors teacher expertise
  • Beyond inform: transform pedagogy
  • Structured expert guidance

Why Teachers Love SRSD

In a nutshell, SRSD works. Teachers see immediate growth in quality of writing & reading comprehension, almost immediately. When a pedagogy works, teachers buy in.

  • Structured, yet flexible approach
  • Explicitly builds self-regulation
  • Empower Individual literacy journeys
  • Integrates all major learning theories
  • Practical 6-stage gradual release model

What Schools Say About Partnering with thinkSRSD