What is SRSD?

Not a program, Self-regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) integrates all major learning theories into a practical set of strategies that enable teachers to see growth in both literacy and student independence. SRSD foregrounds writing & reading with deep attention to purpose, task, audience and social context. Developed by Dr. Karen Harris & colleagues, SRSD is fueled by 35 years of research and continuous innovation.

Bring SRSD to Your School

Our passion is bringing SRSD to schools through blended learning. We serve schools across the nation and world through our e-Learning modules and live web calls.

  • Customized: Implement YOUR way
  • Support that honors teacher expertise
  • Beyond inform: transform pedagogy
  • Structured expert guidance & materials

Why Teachers Love SRSD

In a nutshell, SRSD works. Teachers see immediate growth in quality of writing & reading comprehension, almost immediately. When a pedagogy works, teachers buy in.

  • Structured, yet flexible approach
  • Explicitly builds self-regulation
  • Empower Individual literacy journeys
  • Integrates all major learning theories
  • Practical 6-stage gradual release model

What Schools are Saying

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